As we approach 60 years of funding cutting edge science and scientists and ground-breaking clinicians, we invite you connect with our global alumni. Whether you are currently funded by us or have been in the past; whether you have built your career in research, clinical work or moved into new areas of endeavour, your network needs you!

BHF Alumna Ella Reed with colleagues after completing the London 2 Brighton Bike Ride

BHF Alumni brings together a family of 10,000+ professionals worldwide to create collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing on a global scale.

- We explore your stories from PhD students to Nobel Prize laureates and everything in between in our monthly bulletin Alumni Stories;

- We convene roundtables and events exploring relevant topics to you, from Covid-19 and cardiovascular science, to how to create successful spin-outs, and what the future of the post-pandemic lab holds.

- We listen to you and share new opportunities.

As soon as we can, we’ll be back face to face with you in our programme of exciting events across the world, bringing you into the heart of your global community, wherever you are.

Our online platform BHF Alumni Online puts you in the driving seat. Share your news and views and build your personal network and expand your horizons. Seek out new collaborators and be the first to find out about new opportunities in the UK and abroad.

With a dedicated team of David Whitaker, Paul Sweeten and Alice Wigley, you have all the help you need to navigate your network.

Your Global Network Needs You!

All good wishes,

David, Paul and Alice

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